Attaching the Endpapers

endpapersEndpapers can be attached to the text block in several ways. The two most common methods of attaching endpapers are either by sewing or by tipping them to the text block.


Sewing Endpapers To The Text Block
Use link stitch to attach the endpaper to the text block.
Sew the endpaper to at least three adjacent signatures.
Tipping Endpapers Onto The Text Block

  • Using the masking technique in Tipping In Pages, apply a l/4” line of glue to the folded edge of the endpaper.
  • Carefully lay the endpaper in position and work the fold down with a folder.
  • Dry under weight.


Trimming the Endpaper to Fit the Text Block

  • Once the endpaper is firmly attached to the text block, lay the text block endpaper down on the cutting surface.
  • At the bottom edge of the text block, insert a ruler between the endpaper and the adjacent text block page so the edge of the ruler just barely shows.
  • Hold down the text block firmly and use several light strokes of a sharp knife to cut through the endpaper.
  • Repeat this procedure for the fore edge.