Hardcover books are more complex in their construction than most paperback books so the repairs can sometimes be more involved. I have listed here the techniques that are covered on this site and I do encourage you to seek the assistance of bookbinders if you are unsure of whether to repair your book or not.

There are many basic repair techniques listed in the Book Repair Basics section – if you can’t find what you need here, it may be listed there.


Adhesives and Repair Tissue

When applying adhesive to Japanese repair tissue, choose a brush that matches the size of the surface. If the area ...

Attaching the Endpapers

Endpapers can be attached to the text block in several ways. The two most common methods of attaching endpapers are either ...
Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 1

Over the next few posts I will talk about methods of binding pamphlets, booklets or single pages of information into ...
Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 2

Punching Sewing Holes in Pamphlet Materials Center Folded Materials For items that are center folded, a punching jig and signature ...
Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 3

THE THREE HOLE PAMPHLET STITCH Choose the three hole stitch for fairly thin material that is less than 7” tall. A ...
Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 4

THE FIVE HOLE PAMPHLET STITCH The instructions for the five hole pamphlet stitch use a one signature pamphlet. The same sewing ...
Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 5

Sewing Multiple Signature Pamphlets Into Binders A multiple-signature pamphlet that is side sewn or side stapled can be punched or drilled ...
damaged book corners

Book Board/Corner Repairs

The book board used in book case construction consists of many layers of board. If the book cloth is damaged ...
book corners

Book Cloth Corner Repairs

After the corner book board is repaired, cut a piece of new book cloth to cover the repair. The grain of ...

Book Construction – Part 1

Books are constructed in several ways. Many repair materials work best on certain kinds of paper or in specific parts ...

Book Construction – Part 2

Book Paper and Book Cloth Many types of paper or book cloth can be used in manufacturing, binding and repairing ...
book corners

Book Corner Repairs

The corners of a book take a great deal of stress and can be damaged while the rest of the ...

Hardcover Book Repair Techniques

Complex Book Repairs

Tightening and Repairing Loose Book Hinges

Repairing Damaged Book Hinges

Book Cloth Repairs

Book Corner Repairs

Re-attaching single leaves

Damaged folios and signatures

Repairing folios

Repairing signatures

Re-attaching detached signatures

Resewing a damaged text block

Lap link stitch

Link stitch

Repairing the Spine of a Book

Recasing a Hardcover Book

Recovering a Hardcover book

Rebacking a Case Bound book

End paper repairs