Book Repair for Hardcover Books

Hardcover books are more complex in their construction than most paperback books so the repairs can sometimes be more involved. I have listed here the techniques that are covered on this site and I do encourage you to seek the assistance of bookbinders if you are unsure of whether to repair your book or not.

There are many basic repair techniques listed in the Book Repair Basics section – if you can’t find what you need here, it may be listed there.


Where to Start?

Do you know the difference between a French groove and an American groove? Well, I'm not talking about dance styles, ...
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Which Repair Method Should I Use?

It is important to determine why a book needs repair. Has it been damaged through carelessness or simply through use? ...
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Hardcover Book Repair Techniques

Complex Book Repairs

Tightening and Repairing Loose Book Hinges

Repairing Damaged Book Hinges

Book Cloth Repairs

Book Corner Repairs

Re-attaching single leaves

Damaged folios and signatures

Repairing folios

Repairing signatures

Re-attaching detached signatures

Resewing a damaged text block

Lap link stitch

Link stitch

Repairing the Spine of a Book

Recasing a Hardcover Book

Recovering a Hardcover book

Rebacking a Case Bound book

End paper repairs

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