Paperback books are great for carrying around to read when the opportunity presents but they are not constructed for the kind of rough life they lead. When we have favourites that get read over and over again we naturally want to keep them in as good condition as possible.


I have listed here the techniques you can find on this site for repairing your favourite paperback books. There are also many techniques and explanations in the Book Repair Basics section that can be used for paperback book repairs.

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General Paperback Book Repairs

Many of us have an abundance of paperback books. Unfortunately, many paperback books are not well constructed so they are often ...

Heat Set Tissue

Heat set tissue is a thin tissue that has been coated with a heat activated, acrylic adhesive. The tissue is ...

Hinging In A Single Text Page

Tear a strip of Japanese repair tissue approximately l/2” wide and as long as the height of the page. Japanese tissue ...
Repairing Book Hinges

Hinging In Detached Pages

Hinging-in is generally used when the text block is sewn and the pages open flat, or when reattaching a plate that ...
book corners

Hinging In Multiple Pages

The exact number of pages that can be successfully hinged-in will vary from book to book. Remember, when pages are hinged-in, ...

Hinging In Plates or Illustration Pages

Plates (illustration pages) can be attached to a text block in several ways. Some plates are printed on folded sheets ...
flap wrapper

How to Make a Four Flap Wrapper

Wrappers and boxes are other ways to protect books on the shelf. In a general library collection, they might be used ...

How to Make a Punch Hole Jig

Punching sewing holes in folded signatures can be tricky. Using a punching jig and a signature punching cradle (instructions in ...
clam shell book box

How to Make Clam Shell Book Boxes

A simple corrugated clam shell box can be constructed from a sheet of single wall acid-free corrugated board. These boxes are faster to ...

How To Measure a Book

Measuring books accurately can be a challenge since books are not always square or flat. It’s standard practice in book ...
Paperclip in book

How to Remove Paperclips

Staples and paper clips need to be removed when they are rusty, when pages are photocopied or sewn into a pamphlet ...
Removing staples

How to Remove Staples

Staples and paper clips need to be removed when they are rusty, when pages are photocopied or sewn into a pamphlet ...


Techniques for Paperback Books

Book Construction

General paperback book repairs

Reinforcing paperbacks

Plastic covers for paperbacks

Japanese Repair Tissue

Document Repair Tape

Using Clear Plastic Tape

Cleaning Pages of a Book

Re-attaching Pages

Replacing Missing Pages