Book Repair for Paperback Books

Paperback books are great for carrying around to read when the opportunity presents but they are not constructed for the kind of rough life they lead. When we have favourites that get read over and over again we naturally want to keep them in as good condition as possible.


I have listed here the techniques you can find on this site for repairing your favourite paperback books. There are also many techniques and explanations in the Book Repair Basics section that can be used for paperback book repairs.

Finding the Grain

How to Test for Grain in Paper or Book Cloth

All paper and book cloth has a dominate grain. It's important to know the grain direction before you start your ...
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Is My Book Worth Repairing?

To Repair or Not? Before you rush in and prepare to work on repairing your book, ask yourself a few ...
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Japanese repair tissue

Japanese Repair Tissue

Japanese repair tissue is sometimes called “rice” paper, but this thin paper is made from the fibers of the mulberry ...
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Staples in book

Missing Page Corners

Choose two layers of Japanese tissue that together will be close in thickness to the page being repaired. Protect the pages ...
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flap wrapper

Modified Four Flap Wrapper

A modified four-flap wrapper can be constructed and glued into a binder to protect thin items or loose pages. This ...
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Paper Tears, Cuts and Losses

Over the next few posts I will cover the methods you can use to repair paper tears, cuts in paper ...
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Planning Your Repairs

Just like any activity you don't do often, book repairs should be planned and your work area prepared before you ...
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plastic book jacket

Plastic Book Jackets

Replacing damaged or soiled plastic book jacket covers is a fast way to make books look new and inviting. The best kind ...
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paperback books

Plastic Covers for Paperback Books

Reinforcing Paperback Books With Commercial Clear Plastic Covers Many library supply companies sell self-adhesive clear plastic cover protectors to protect ...
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Binding Pamphlets

Preparing Thread for Book Repairs

WAXING LINEN THREAD Like all thread, linen thread has a tendency to tangle. Waxing sewing thread with beeswax keeps the ...
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Punching Cradle Instructions

Signature Punching Cradle A signature punching cradle helps control placement of the sewing stations and can be constructed out of ...
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Re-attaching Illustrations and Plates

Plates are illustrations that are printed separately from the text of a book. Many plates are smaller than the text ...
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Techniques for Paperback Books

Book Construction

General paperback book repairs

Reinforcing paperbacks

Plastic covers for paperbacks

Japanese Repair Tissue

Document Repair Tape

Using Clear Plastic Tape

Cleaning Pages of a Book

Re-attaching Pages

Replacing Missing Pages

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