Book Repair for Paperback Books

Paperback books are great for carrying around to read when the opportunity presents but they are not constructed for the kind of rough life they lead. When we have favourites that get read over and over again we naturally want to keep them in as good condition as possible.


I have listed here the techniques you can find on this site for repairing your favourite paperback books. There are also many techniques and explanations in the Book Repair Basics section that can be used for paperback book repairs.

damaged book corners

Replacing Missing Corners

It is not uncommon for a corner of a hard cover book to be damaged or destroyed while the rest of ...
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loose pages

Replacing Missing Pages

When a page is damaged beyond repair or has been previously mended with clear plastic tape, it may have to ...
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Finding the Grain

Simple or Complex Paper Tears

Paper tends to tear at an angle so most tears will have a top and a bottom. If the tear passes ...
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Japanese repair tissue

Tearing Japanese Repair Tissue

Japanese repair tissue is usually torn so that the edges are feathered, not cut sharp as they would be with ...
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Weavers Knot

Tying knots

There are two basic knots used in book repair - the weaver’s knot and the square knot. The Weaver’s Knot ...
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paperback books

Using Bookshelves Correctly

Books often receive a lot of abuse before they even leave the bookshelf. They are yanked off the shelf by the ...
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Wheat Paste Recipes

Over the years I have been asked for (and tried) many variations of recipes for wheat paste. Here are three ...
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Where to Start?

Do you know the difference between a French groove and an American groove? Well, I'm not talking about dance styles, ...
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Which Repair Method Should I Use?

It is important to determine why a book needs repair. Has it been damaged through carelessness or simply through use? ...
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Techniques for Paperback Books

Book Construction

General paperback book repairs

Reinforcing paperbacks

Plastic covers for paperbacks

Japanese Repair Tissue

Document Repair Tape

Using Clear Plastic Tape

Cleaning Pages of a Book

Re-attaching Pages

Replacing Missing Pages

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