Book Repair Basics

Basic background information you should read before you start repairing your books.

Is My Book Worth Repairing?

To Repair or Not? Before you rush in and prepare to work on repairing your book, ask yourself a few questions:- Has the book previously been repaired using incorrect or damaging techniques?  Is the book worn beyond mending or rebinding?  Should this book be sent to a specialist? It can be a difficult decision to not repair a book. However, the urge to save every book is unrealistic because some books cannot be effectively repaired. I was recently at a family…

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Where to Start?

Do you know the difference between a French groove and an American groove? Well, I’m not talking about dance styles, they are actually parts of a hardback book! Bookbinding today covers a whole range of activities from craft to fine art. You can bind your own work for pleasure, repair your favourite books, and produce works of art for both commercial trade and competitions. But how do you learn what all the specialised terms mean when all you want to…

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