Paperclip in book

How to Remove Paperclips

Paperclip in bookStaples and paper clips need to be removed when they are rusty, when pages are photocopied or sewn into a pamphlet binder, and when the fasteners are damaging the materials. Removing staples and paper clips without damaging the paper can be fast and easy when the right tools are used.

Paper clips are not always the best item to attach a group of pages  to one another. They can rust or bend when left in place for long periods of time. When a paper clip is removed, the blunt end of the clip can catch on the paper and tear it.

The best way to remove a paper clip without damaging the paper is to gently pry it open.

  • Lay the clipped materials on a work table with the short side of the clip facing up.
  • Through the paper, press the long side of the clip firmly against the table with one finger.
  • Gently pull up on the short side with the thumbnail of the other hand. A microspatula or staple remover can also be used to lift up the short leg of the paper clip.

When a paper clip is rusty, gently insert a small piece of Mylar between the clip and paper on both sides of the paper clip then repeat the instructions above.