rebacking a book

Rebacking Method 2 – Choosing and Attaching One Side of the New Book Cloth Spine

rebacking a book

  1. Choose a piece of book cloth that is a close color match to the original book cloth. If a close color match isn’t possible, select a color that has the least amount of contrast, i.e., black book cloth on a dark blue book would be less noticeable than light blue book cloth.
  2. Transfer measurements A and B to the book cloth. Be sure the grain of the book cloth is parallel to the spine of the book. Cut the new spine piece.
  3. Turn back the original book cloth on one cover (be careful not to crease it). Brush PVA glue on the exposed board. Work the glue all the way back into the area where the original book cloth and book board are still attached.

DO NOT put glue in the joint area.

4. Lay the new book cloth on the glued book board, with the right side up. Use a folder to press the new book cloth onto the board.
DO NOT glue down the original book cloth.

5. Work the cloth into the joint with the long edge of a folder. Protect the new book cloth with a piece of wax paper if necessary.
6. Insert rods in the joints and put under weight. Let the book dry for at least 10 minutes, so the glue will set