Rebacking Method 2 – Measuring the Width of the Joint

spinesAfter the glue has set, use one of the following methods to mark the width of the joint. This gives the position of the spine inlay on the new spine cloth.



Method 1:

  • Lay the book on the work surface with the new spine cloth against the table, wrong side up.
  • Slip a rod into the joint against the table, press down gently on the joint area.
  • Mark the position where the shoulder of the text block spine meets the new book cloth.
  • Repeat this measurement on the other end of the book.

Method 2:

  • The joint width can also be measured with the book upright.
  • Protect the new book cloth by supporting the text block on the edge of the work table or a pile of books.
  • Wrap the new book cloth around the spine and press the new cloth into the joint with your fingers.
  • Mark the position of shoulder on the new book cloth.
  • Repeat on the other end of the book.

Lay the paper spine inlay on a piece of waste paper and apply glue in a star burst pattern.
Use the pencil marks to position the glued spine inlay onto the wrong side of the new book cloth spine making sure the inlay is even with the top and bottom edges of the cover boards.