How to Reinforce Paperback Books With Board and Japanese Tissue

  • Open the book cover to its natural fold line and crease with a folder.
  • Photocopy any information on the inside of the front or back covers.
  • Trim the photocopies and tip (click here for instructions) onto the text block.
  • Reinforce the cover hinge fold with a 1” strip of Japanese tissue. l/4” of the tissue should extend onto the text with 3/4” on the cover.
  • Dry with the covers open under weight.
  • Cut two pieces of thin board. The boards should be the exact height of the cover and the width should be the width of the cover minus l/4”. 
  • Apply PVA to one piece of board and lay it onto the text block GLUE SIDE UP.
  • Line up the board with the top, bottom and fore edge and carefully close the cover. The board will be l/4” less wide than the text block so it will not sit flush with the cover hinge.
  • Use a folder or a book press to press the board onto the cover.
  • Repeat on the second cover and dry under weight.

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