Spiral bound books

Reinforcing Spiral Bound Books

Spiral bound booksSpiral bindings can be reinforced for longer life. This technique was developed at the University of Michigan Library and uses a special product called Tyvek. Tyvek is strong, lightweight polyester “paper” that will not tear. Tyvek and PVA have a similar chemical makeup and bond very tightly.
Tyvek can be purchased through library, art supply and camping/bushwalking sources. When using recycled Tyvek, glue the print side down.

  • Photocopy any information on the inside of the front or back covers.
  • Trim the photocopies and hinge (click here for instructions) onto the text block.
  • Cut two pieces of board: Height = exact height of the cover, Width = distance from the spirals to the fore edge minus l/4”
  • Use a pair of utility scissors to slip three or more rings from the spiral binding: top, middle and bottom. The number depends on the size and weight of the book.
  • Cut three strips of Tyvek a little narrower than the space left by the cut spirals, apply PVA, and thread the strips into the book.
  • Apply PVA to both pieces of board, and attach to the inside of the front and back covers.
  • Line up the board with the top, bottom and fore edge of each cover.
  • A pastedown endpaper can be added to the board if desired.
  • Cut the endpaper the same dimension as the board and glue to the board.
  • Dry under weight.