Japanese repair tissue

Repairing Holes in Book Pages

It is not too common to find holes in the middle of the page, but it can happen. While the print can not be restored, the page should be mended to prevent further damage.

Choose two layers of Japanese tissue that will be close in thickness to the repaired page. Tear two pieces of Japanese tissue to cover the hole using the techniques covered in the post on using Japanese repair tissue.

  • Protect the text block with wax paper on either side of the damaged page.
  • Paste up one piece of Japanese tissue, position it on the page and work the edges into place. Paste up the second piece of repair tissue and lay it in place, working edges down with a folder.
  • Cover with wax paper or non-stick material and blotting paper.
  • Dry under weight.

After the repair is dry, curl the paper around the tear to ensure all the edges are well adhered. If the edges are loose, repaste and dry under weight, then test again.