loose pages

Repairing the Center Folio of a Signature

loose pagesThe damaged fold of a center folio should be repaired on the inside. All the other folios are repaired on the outside.
Using the techniques in earlier posts tear a piece of Japanese tissue and apply paste to the Japanese tissue. The width of the Japanese tissue will vary depending on how much of the signature page is damaged.

  • Lay the center folio of the signature on a piece of non-stick material with center facing up.
  • Lay the pasted repair tissue down the center of the folio.
  • Lay a strip of wax paper along the fold.
  • Carefully close the page.
  • Place the folded page between blotters. Put under weight to dry.

If the other folios in the signature do not need repair, place them in the correct position around the center folio then re-attach the signature to the text block following the instructions in a separate post.
If all or some of the other folios need repair, continue with the instructions in the next posts.