book hinge repair

Replacing Endpapers

endpapersIf either or both endpapers are damaged and do not contain special or unique information, it may be easier to replace them with new endpapers. Most text paper is not truly white so use an off-white or cream colored paper to blend in with the text block.
Many text blocks are not really square so it can be easier to trim the end sheet to fit the text block after it is attached to the text block.

  • Fold the endpaper, and lay it in place on the text block.
  • Mark and cut the top edge of the endpaper to fit the text block.
  • Using one of the methods in the next post, attach the endpaper to the text block.
  • Trim the bottom and fore edge to fit.
  • Attach and trim one endpaper before attaching the second endpaper.