book construction


Book Construction – Part 2

Book Paper and Book Cloth Many types of paper or book cloth can be used in manufacturing, binding and repairing a book. BOOK PAPER Although many different types of papers are used to print and manufacture books, three important types of paper to be familiar with in book repair are uncoated paper, coated paper and acid-free paper. Uncoated paper is the most common type of paper and is made from plant or tree fibers that are processed into sheets. Originally,…

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Book Construction – Part 1

Books are constructed in several ways. Many repair materials work best on certain kinds of paper or in specific parts of a book. “The right tool for the right job” is an axiom that applies to book binding as well as other fields. Having a few specialized tools and understanding how to use them will save you time and energy. Here are some of the parts of a book you may get very familiar with when you start doing your…

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