book repair adhesives


Adhesives and Repair Tissue

When applying adhesive to Japanese repair tissue, choose a brush that matches the size of the surface. If the area is small, use a small brush; a bigger area needs a bigger brush. A thin, even coat of adhesive makes the best bond. Too much adhesive will ooze out the edges of a repair and can stain other surfaces. Apply paste or glue to paper or cloth by brushing from the center of the materials being glued toward the outer…

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Book Repair Glue

Book Repair Adhesives

There are two main kinds of adhesives used in book repair: paste and glue. Each has special properties and should be used in specific¬†instances. 1. BOOK REPAIR PASTE Paste is generally a cooked mixture of water and vegetable starch, such as wheat or rice. Repairing paper with paste will give a stronger bond than repairing it with glue because the paste soaks into the paper fibers and bonds them together. Since paste contains water, it can stretch and cockle paper.…

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