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Binding Pamphlets

Preparing Thread for Book Repairs

WAXING LINEN THREAD Like all thread, linen thread has a tendency to tangle. Waxing sewing thread with beeswax keeps the thread from tangling and helps the thread “grip” the paper. Run the thread through a cake of beeswax two or three times to coat it with wax, then run the thread through your fingers. The heat generated from the friction will melt the wax into the thread. MEASURING THREAD LENGTH The length of thread needed depends on the height of…

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Egg Eye Needle

Book Repair Thread | Linen Thread

Books are traditionally sewn with linen thread which is very strong and can be purchased in several sizes. Choosing the right thread is important for a successful repair. Using thread that is too thick can damage a book because the text block may not fit back in the original case. Thread that is too thin can tear through the folded signature paper. In general, it’s best to use as thin a thread as possible, but choosing the right thread depends…

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