reattaching a text page

Hinging In A Single Text Page

Tear a strip of Japanese repair tissue approximately l/2” wide and as long as the height of the page. Japanese tissue tends to stretch a little lengthwise when wet so it can be trimmed a little shorter than the page. Lay the page to be hinged on a piece of wax paper or non-stick material. Lay a strip of Japanese repair tissue on a piece of waste paper and mask one half of the width of the tissue. Brush wheat paste on to the…

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loose pages

Reattaching a Single Text Page

Each book will accept a repaired or replaced page in a different way. Some pages will sit easily into the hinge area, others will slide in from the top or bottom of the text block. Practice putting the page into the book before gluing to see how the page goes in the best. Often a repaired page cannot be replaced as far back into the spine as when the book was new. If the edges of the repaired or replacement page extend beyond the text…

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