repairing book hinges

Repairing Book Hinges

Repairing Damaged Book Hinges

A variation of the previously explained repair technique for book hinges can be used when an endpaper is split at the hinge. Check the crash carefully. If more than l/4 of the crash is torn, it should be replaced (discussed in a separate post). Use a small paint brush or microspatula to apply glue to the split end papers and work them into position. Put a piece of wax paper or non-stick material in the hinge area to protect the paper from any excess…

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Repairing Book Hinges

Tightening and Repairing Loose Book Hinges

The previous post talked briefly about how most hardcover books are constructed so that you know which part actually needs repair when the book hinges are loose. When the hinge area is loose and the endpaper is not torn, use a wooden stick such as a bamboo skewer or thin knitting needle coated with PVA to feed a small amount of PVA into the joint area. Carefully insert the PVA-coated knitting needle or skewer into the hinge area at the top of the book, rotating…

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