Here is a collection of useful resources for your book repairs.

1. Bone Folder

This is an essential tool for book repairs. I have talked about its many uses in an earlier post which you can read by clicking here.

2. Lightweight Awl (Needle in a Stick alternative)

Again you can read about the uses of this tool in the post about Book Repair Tools. This particular awl is a lightweight one which I find easier to work with than my handmade needle in a stick!

3. Glue Brush

This size and shape of brush is very useful for both glue and paste (but always have two separate brushes for these).

4. Bookbinding Needles

A neat set of needles of various sizes put together for bookbinding but just as useful for book repair work.

5. Linen Thread

These days you can buy plain linen thread as well as pre-waxed thread. I still prefer to wax my thread as I can do it when I need it but if you have a lot of book repair sewing to do the pre-waxed version will certainly ave you both time and messy fingers.

6. PVA Glue – pH Neutral

This is a bookbinding version of PVA glue. Unlike some other brands it will remain flexible when dry – very important for the long life of your repaired books.

7. Document Repair Tape

A useful size of document repair tape which you can adjust to your repairs. remember this is the correct tape to use for book repairs NOT sticky tape!

8. Hinging Tape

This tape can be used for the more complex book repairs I have talked about in another post (click here).

9. Basic Bookbinding

My most used reference book. It covers some book repairs but also has illustrations and instructions for bookbinding. It will help you understand the construction of books if you are looking to do lots of repairs.

10. Bookbinding DVD

For those of you who like to learn by example, here is the visual equivalent of the book above.

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