Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 3

Choose the three hole stitch for fairly thin material that is less than 7” tall. A taller, heavier booklet should be sewn with the five-hole stitch. These instructions  for the three hole pamphlet stitch using a one signature pamphlet. The same sewing pattern can be used for items published as individual sheets or side stapled.

Sewing multiple signature materials into pamphlet binders is discussed in a separate post. Instructions for placing and punching sewing holes can be found in previous posts.


Measure a length of thread that is two times the height of the book plus 4 – 6”. Choosing, waxing and locking thread onto a needle is discussed in the post on Preparing Thread for Book Repairs.


  • Starting on the inside of the pamphlet, insert the needle into sewing station 2.
  • Pull the thread to the outside of the pamphlet, leaving a 2” tail inside the pamphlet.
  • On the outside of the pamphlet, insert the needle into station number 1. 
  • Pull the thread through sewing station 1, being careful not to pull the tail out of the pamphlet at station 2. 
  • On the inside of the pamphlet, proceed to sewing station number 3, going past sewing station number 2. 
  • Insert the needle into sewing station 3 and pull the thread to the outside of the pamphlet. 
  • Gently pull the thread snug being careful to pull in the direction of the sewing so as not to tear the paper. 
  • Return to station 2 on the outside of the pamphlet. Insert the needle into sewing station 2. 
  • The two ends of sewing thread should straddle the sewing thread that runs the height of the booklet.

Be careful not to pierce the thread already in sewing station number 2. If the center thread is pierced, it will be difficult or impossible to tighten the threads when the sewing is complete.


  • Pulling in the direction of sewing, take up any slack in the sewing thread and tie off the two loose ends with a square knot.
  • Clip the threads to about l/2”.


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