Book Review – Basic Bookbinding

As you will see from the Resources page – I chose this book to include in my list of recommended items for when you are repairing your books.

Here is my review of the book (and, yes, it is a well used paperback and has been repaired!).

Basic Bookbinding by AW Lewis

1957 Dover Publications Inc.

ISBN 0-486-20169-4

Originally written and published in 1952, this republication has additional notes for American users. The book covers basic methods of binding in simple styles. The benefit of this is that you will better understand how a book is put together before you start on your repair work.


There are clear explanations and diagrams of the equipment used as well as a limited number of photographs of some step by step methods. Given that this book is almost 60 years old, the layout is appropriate for using from your first repair through to the time when you are an adept at getting your books looking their best for continued use.


At less than 140 pages it is a valuable resource and reference to have at your disposal when you are in the middle of a repair and the internet is down!