Staples in book

Missing Page Corners

Choose two layers of Japanese tissue that together will be close in thickness to the page being repaired.
Protect the pages behind the repair with wax paper. Use a piece of black mat board to highlight the edge of the repair. Fold a piece of Japanese tissue in half and place over the missing corner. The edges of the patch should extend past the edges of the page.

Needle or water tear (tearing Japanese repair tissue post) the two :layers of tissue. The patch should be about l/16” wider than the loss (missing corner). Apply paste to the repair patch and position the repair patch on one side of the missing corner. Work the edge of the patch into place.
Fold the patch over and work the edges of the patch into the page.
Dry under weight and trim any excess margin.
After the repair is dry, curl the paper around the tear to ensure all the edges are well adhered. If the edges are loose, repaste and dry under weight, then test again.