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Modified Four Flap Wrapper

flap wrapperA modified four-flap wrapper can be constructed and glued into a
binder to protect thin items or loose pages. This wrapper is similar to a four-flap wrapper (previous post), but it has a closing tab instead of the flap that tucks into the wrapper to hold the wrapper shut.
The Modified Four-Flap Wrapper can be cut from a single piece of cardstock but it will be less wasteful to cut two separate pieces and glue them together.


  • Use a piece of paper to measure the height (A), width (B) and thickness (C) of the book or materials. Label each measurement.
  • Cut a piece of folder stock the height of the book or papers (measurement A) and about 3 l/2 times the width of the text block (three covers and two spines). The grain of this piece of folder stock should run vertical to the cut stock and parallel to the book spine.
  • Cut a piece of folder stock the width of the book or papers (measurement B) and about 3 l/2 times the height (three covers and two spines). The grain of this piece of folder stock should run horizontal to the stock and perpendicular to the book spine.
  • Using the same techniques as given for the Four-Flap Wrapper, construct the two cover pieces and glue them together.

Since the flap does not slip under the cover as in the Four-Flap Wrapper, glue the two pieces completely together where they overlap.
The Modified Four Flap Wrapper can now be labeled and placed on your shelf or glued into a binder.

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