book spine damage

Rebacking – Attaching a New Book Spine

book spine damageThe last part of rebacking your hardcover book using Method One is Attaching the New Spine Cloth to the Text Block

  • Position the spine so the glued-down part of the turn-ins are centered on the text block spine, even with the top and bottom of the book boards.
  • Mark the edges of the replacement spine cloth on the cover board.
  • Put a strip of waste paper on the cover, lined up with the marks and glue from the waste paper toward the spine of the text block. Be careful not to get glue on the spine of the text block.

Before proceeding further, make sure the spine is right-side up on the text

  • Position the replacement spine on the book. Center the head and tail; then lay the edge of the replacement spine against the line of glue on the cover.
  • Press the replacement spine onto the book board. Work the book cloth into the joint with a folder.
  • Insert rods into the joint. Dry under weight for a few minutes. 
  • Turn the book. Wrap the replacement spine tightly around the book. Mark the position of the replacement spine on the book cover.
  • Lay a piece of waste paper along the marks.
  • Apply glue working from the waste paper toward the joint. Be careful not to get glue on the spine of the text block.

The replacement spine should fit tight around the spine of the text block.

  • Work the cloth into the joint with a folder.
  • Support the cover with book boards or other books.
  • Apply glue to the extending tabs and fold them onto the endpapers.
  • Rub them down with a folder.
  • Put rods in the joints. Dry the book overnight in a press or under weight.