rebacking a book

In this post and the next few, I will cover Rebacking a Hardcover Book – Method 1 (outside the original book cloth).


  • Remove the Original Book Cloth Spine
  1. If the print or decoration on the spine is legible, save the spine to glue to the new book cloth spine. If the print or decoration is not legible, discard the spine after it is removed.
  2. Carefully remove the original spine if it is still attached to the book.
  3. If the cloth in the joint is broken or terribly frayed, gently pull it loose.
  4. If the original spine is more firmly attached to the case, lay a straight edge l/16 – l/8” from the spine edge of the front board and use a knife to cut through the cover cloth.
  5. Be careful not to cut through the crash or the end paper and try not to trim away any print or decoration on the cover.
  6. Turn the book over and repeat on the other side.