Damaged Book Hinges

Recasing a Hardcover Book – Method 1

Damaged Book HingesMETHOD 1:

Pastedown Still Attached To The Board
Before casing-in the text block, make sure the spine is right side up to the text block.


  • Slide the loose edge of the crash under the lifted pastedown.
  • Trim the crash if it does not fit and trim the corners diagonally.
  • When the loose edge of crash fits well, remove it.
  • Apply glue to the book board, working glue all the way down into the area where the pastedown and the book board are connected. Do not glue the lifted pastedown.
  • Slide the loose edge of the crash back under the lifted pastedown. Work it onto the glued board. Make sure there are no lumps in the crash.
  • Put a piece of wax paper in the hinge area and close the book.
  • Use the long edge of a folder to work the book cloth joint in place.
  • Open the book and support the cover on another book or a stack of boards.
  • Lift the loosened pastedown, and apply glue between the pastedown and the crash.
  • Use the flat edge of a folder to work the pastedown into position and to move any excess glue towards the hinge. Wipe away any excess glue.
  • Replace the wax paper in the hinge area and close the book.
  • Rework the joint into position with the long edge of a folder.
  • Turn the book over, and repeat for the other hinge.
  • When the second hinge is repaired, insert rods in both joints and dry under pressure.

After the repair is dry, open the case and inspect the repair. Use the techniques in TIGHTENING OR REPAIRING CASE HINGES to finish or camouflage the repairs if needed