Damaged Book Hinges

Recasing a Hardcover Book – Method 2

Damaged Book HingesMETHOD 2:

Original Pastedown Lifted Off Board or Endpaper Replaced
Double check to see that the text block is correctly positioned in the case. The text block and cover need to be right side up to one another. The text block should be positioned correctly at the edge of the case.

  • Slip a large piece of wax paper into the fold of the endpaper to act as a moisture barrier. The wax paper should be larger than the endpaper.
  • Cover the wax paper with a sheet of waste paper. The waste sheet should also be larger than the endpaper.
  • Use a large brush to apply glue to the endpaper under the loose edge of crash.
  • Lay the crash onto the endpaper and work it in place with a folder. Be especially careful to work the crash into the text block shoulder.
  • Apply glue to the rest of the endpaper in a stat-burst  pattern.

As the glue moistens the endpaper it may begin to curl. Reverse the curl by
gently bending the paper in the opposite direction of the curl until it relaxes.
The glue will not begin to dry for several minutes so there is time to work
with the endpaper.

  • Remove the waste paper, keeping the wax paper in place.
  • When the endpaper is glued and flat, carefully lower the cover. Press down on the cover or rub lightly with a folder.
  • Open the cover slightly and check the pastedown. Do not fully open the cover unless absolutely necessary.
  • If the pastedown is in the wrong position, quickly lift it up and reposition it, then lay the cover back down.
  • If there are wrinkles or air bubbles in the pastedown, support the cover on the work table and use the side of your palm to smooth out the wrinkles. Work from the center to the edges of the pastedown in a starburst pattern.
  • Work the case cloth into the joint with the long end of a folder, insert rods and press the book under weight.
  • Let the endpaper dry for at least one half hour; then repeat for the opposite cover.
  • Dry the repaired book overnight. The book must dry under weight or the boards will warp and the endpapers will wrinkle.