Repairing Book Hinges

Repairing Damaged Book Hinges

Repairing Book Hinges

A variation of the previously explained repair technique for book hinges can be used when an endpaper is split at the hinge. Check the crash carefully. If more than l/4 of the crash is torn, it should be replaced (discussed in a separate post).

Use a small paint brush or microspatula to apply glue to the split end papers and work them into position. Put a piece of wax paper or non-stick material in the hinge area to protect the paper from any excess glue and close the book. Use the long thin edge of a folder on the outside of the cover to work the book cloth down into the case joint. Remember the rounded ends of the folder can sometimes tear through the book cloth.

Work from the center to the top of the book, then from the center to the bottom of the book . This will adhere the crash, end paper and book board and move any excess glue out of the hinge area. Wipe away any excess glue and try to use less glue in the future,

After setting the joint with the folder, carefully open the book cover and gently work the folder along the inside hinge, working the end paper back into the hinge. Again, use the long flat edge of the folder as the ends can tear through the paper.

Replace the wax paper. Place the book in a book press or put knitting
needles in the hinges and weight with paper covered bricks. Let dry for at least one hour, then check the repair.

Sometimes the repaired end papers will not quite meet. This space will not affect the strength of the repair but it can be covered with a strip of Japanese tissue and wheat paste for a cosmetic touch.

Tear a piece of Japanese tissue (separate post) the height of the text block and wide enough to cover the hinge repair. Apply paste to the Japanese tissue (separate post) and gently lay the tissue on the hinge.
Use a folder to carefully work the tissue back into the hinge.

Insert a piece of wax paper or non-stick material, close the book and use the long edge of the folder to work the cloth into the cover joint. Place the repaired book in a press or insert rods or knitting needles in the joints, add weight, and dry overnight.