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Repairing Folios

loose pagesRepairing Additional Folios Or The Last Folio of a Signature
If additional folios need to be repaired, place the folio to be repaired in the correct position around the center folio page(s). Make sure all the pages are in the correct order.

If a folio has separated into two halves, place both leaves in the correct position, and clip them together at the fore edge.

  • Tear a strip of Japanese repair tissue the height of the folio and as wide as necessary to cover any paper damage in the hinge area.
  • Apply paste to the Japanese tissue strip.
  • Place the tissue strip on the spine edge of the damaged folio so that one half of the pasted tissue extends past the folio fold.
  • Gently wrap the Japanese tissue around on the back side of the folio. Remember, only the center folio of a signature is repaired on the inside; the others are repaired on the outside of folio.
  • Lay the repaired signature pages between wax paper and let dry.

Repeat the instructions until all the signature folios are repaired.

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