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Repairing Paper Tears with Wheat Paste

torn-book-pageWhen the paper tear has a strong, obvious top and bottom edge, applying
wheat paste to the edges of the tear can be enough to bond them together.

Use a very fine paint brush, microspatula or needle to apply wheat paste to the top and bottom edges of the tear and press them together. Cover the repair with wax paper press the edges of the tear together with a folder. Remember to always best to work from the base of the repair toward the edge of the page.
Wipe away any excess paste that is forced out of the edge of the tear. Note how much excess paste was used and try to use less for the next repair. Always aim for enough paste; not too little, not too much. When the repair is dry, curl the paper around all the edges of the repaired tear and make sure they are well adhered.

If there are loose edges, repaste and dry under weight. If the page creases at the repair, consider applying a Japanese repair tissue (separate post) patch over the repair.

If the tear is not properly aligned, moisten the area with water to release the repair and redo it.

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