Binding Pamphlets

Binding Pamphlets and Booklets Part 1

Binding PamphletsOver the next few posts I will talk about methods of binding pamphlets, booklets or single pages of information into a solid covering.
Pamphlets or booklets are unbound material l/2” or thinner in spine width. These materials can be individual sheets or single or multiple signatures and can be sewn or stapled into a pamphlet binder.

The three or five hole pamphlet stitch is used to sew individual sheets or signatures into a pamphlet binder. Either sewing stitch works well on most center sewn or stapled materials and on side-sewn or stapled items up to 3″ thick.
Choose the three hole stitch for fairly thin materials less than 7” tall. A taller, heavier booklet should be sewn with the five-hole stitch. When in doubt, it’s better to use the five-hole pamphlet stitch.

Regardless of which stitch is chosen or the size of the pamphlet, the first and last sewing stations (1 & 3 or 1 & 5) should be no more than 3/4” from the top or bottom edge of the booklet and the center sewing station (2 or 3) should be in the center of the booklet.This placement of sewing stations gives the most support to the entire booklet.

Use the technique in a previous post for removing staples and use the original staple holes for sewing if possible so as not to punch additional holes in the fold of the booklet.