How to Make a Punch Hole Jig

Punching sewing holes in folded signatures can be tricky. Using a punching jig and a signature punching cradle (instructions in a separate post) will make the job much easier.

To construct a punching jig, simply fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise and clip one end diagonally. This diagonal cut marks the top of the printed page.

  • Mark the desired sewing hole stations on the outside of the fold in pencil.
  • Turn the jig inside out so the pencil marks are on the inside of the fold.
  • Place the punching jig inside the folded signature. The jig should be seated all the way down into the fold and lined up with the top edge of the book.
  • Lay the signature flat on the table and carefully punch holes through the fold with your needle-in-a-stick.¬†Remember the diagonal cut on the punching jig should be at the top of the book page.