Punching Cradle Instructions

Signature Punching Cradle

A signature punching cradle helps control placement of the sewing stations and can be constructed out of thin plywood, mat board or cardboard.

  • To construct a simple cradle from a cardboard box, make a 45 degree angle “V” cut in both ends of a box.
  • Cut two pieces of cardboard 2” longer than the length of the box and 1” wider than the length of one side of the “V” cut.
  • Glue a 1 l/2” strip of book cloth connecting the two pieces of cardboard along one long edge.
  • Glue the cardboard strips into the cut out “V” with PVA.
  • Open the material to the center of the signature and lay it in the cradle. Make sure the material is seated all the way down into the cradle.
  • Lay a punching jig (see separate post for instructions) on top of the material and punch with a needle-in-a-stick.

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